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InnoTech kicks-Off AI/ML Course for 60 Bhutanese Participants

60 Bhutanese candidates have been enrolled for the three-week course.
  • Innotech
  • |
  • May 7, 2022

Following the InnoTech-Omdena partnership, InnoTech is kicking off the first phase of the collaboration with the Omdena Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning online course at Thimphu TechPark today. 60 Bhutanese candidates have been enrolled for the course wherein participants will be learning concepts of AI/ML over the course of three weeks. This pilot InnoTech-Omdena event will serve as a showcase for local institutions and the general public who are interested in AI/ML.

The completion of the course will be followed by a global 4-week hackathon launched by Innotech and Omdena. DHI InnoTech is currently working on identifying key themes and issues that can be resolved using innovative AI/ML applications for the global hackathon. Omdena will work with 50+ AI engineers over an additional 8-week period to develop the idea or the proof of concept shortlisted from the hackathon to be developed into a fully deployable algorithm.

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