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Applications of Distributed Cloud

Distributed cloud speeds up communications for global services and enables more responsive communications for specific regions.
  • Innotech
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  • November 3, 2021

Distributed Cloud is the distribution of public cloud services to different physical locations. It distributes a public cloud provider’s entire computer stack to wherever a customer might need it-whether that is on premises in the customer’s own data center or private cloud, or off premises in one or more public cloud data centers that may or may not belong to the cloud provider. Distributed cloud speeds up communications for global services and enables more responsive communications for specific regions. With this, organizations can reduce latency and network congestion, and lower the risk of data loss. Additionally, organizations can ensure better compliance with data sovereignty regulations since data can be kept in the country of its origin. 

A Distributed Cloud emphasizes extending cloud services to edge devices and customer data centers. This distributed model provides all of the services available at a central cloud data center at the edge. As the amount of data increases due to the increased use of mobile technologies and IoT devices, it is vital to have the capabilities afforded by distributed cloud for data management. Factors driving the market include increased demand for low-cost data backup and storage across all industries and well-defined sharing.

The functionalities of public cloud are segmented into data storage, data recovery, digitization, autonomy and low latency. 

Applications of Distributed Cloud Services

Banking & Financial Services It provides agile and cost-effective computing. The demand for Distributed Cloud in banking and finance is also driven by the increasing number of digital services and their applications, as well as the high penetration of hybrid cloud segment in these sectors.  
InsuranceProvision of applications, data, and IT resources.
Real-Time Data Analysis Video surveillance, manufacturing automation, self-driving cars, healthcare applications, smart buildings, and other applications that rely on real-time data analysis and do not have the time to wait for data to travel to a central cloud data center and back.

Challenges for Bhutan

  • Security is a big challenge in a distributed environment, particularly when using public networks, if proper protocols and policies are not framed and followed.
  • Some edge devices may not be capable of supporting the services offered by distributed cloud.
  • Data packages in Bhutan are relatively expensive and unreliable.
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