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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Platform

Data has become an important asset and plays a significant role in the development and application of a wide array of solution.
  • Innotech
  • |
  • March 8, 2022

The digital revolution has created an ecosystem of consumers who interact with technology on a daily basis, generating data by the second. Today, data has become an important asset and plays a significant role in the development and application of a wide array of solutions around the world, and the DHI companies are no exception.

Current Scenario

The 21 subsidiary companies under DHI all operate on the forefront of a diverse range of industries and own a large collection of data. This has created an ecosystem where a substantial amount of data is constantly being generated. To optimally leverage this tremendous volume of big data stored within the companies of DHI and make smart investments, the InnoTech Department at DHI, after due diligent research, is developing a platform for data storage and analysis.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Platform

The platform will be customized with technical specifications targeted for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) computation as primary objective and data transformation and storage as secondary objectives. Additionally, the platform will enable DHI and its group of companies to implement good data collection practices, streamline AI/ML processes and operations, and run analysis.

Some of the features of the on-premise AI/ML Platform include:

  • The capability to extract, transform, and store data to develop machine learning models.
  • Machine learning will further enable the DHI analytics team to perform predictive and prescriptive data modelling that can lead to potential resource optimization and cost savings.
  • The ease of access to AI/ML tools and data will facilitate DHI to train data scientists, developers, and engineers as part of its core vision of building human capacity in the nation.

The AI/ML Platform will be the first of its kind for DHI and a stepping stone toward innovation in the country. The Platform will be a fundamental building block in integrating AI/ML applications (as well as Deep Learning) to various technology projects in the near future.

Project Status

The InnoTech team has ordered the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) server which has been customized specifically for AI/ML computation with:

  • Large memory and storage
  • Latest server GPU
  • Fast network ports
  • Higher CPU core

Once it is delivered the infrastructure will be set up and configured with the necessary security protocols and network access.

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