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Automating Water Supply Using Micro-Irrigation Technologies in Semjong

The implemented systems will leverage algorithms to reduce water wastage, resolve issues around uneven billing practices, and ensure quality of drinking water.
  • Innotech
  • |
  • November 29, 2021

The Semjong Water Project has officially been inaugurated in Semjong Gewog in Tsirang. The project will alleviate current drinking water problems as well as provide water for irrigation in Dangreygang Chiwog. 

The main components of the project include watershed conservation, construction of a large reservoir tank for dryland irrigation, pilot of micro-irrigation technologies such as drips and sprinklers, automation system, and improved technology for crop production. For now, automation for the system has been utilized for irrigation in the water supply system.

The reservoir capacity of the project is about 700,000 litres for drinking and dry land irrigation and is expected to benefit approximately 70 households. The project covers irrigation needs of 70 acres of dry land which has been divided into eight zones. The water from the reservoir will be distributed equally amongst the eight identified irrigation zones using sustainable irrigation platform (SIP). SIP, installed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, is an open source Raspberry pi based python program that provides user interface using web technology and can be accessed from any browser on laptop, desktop, and mobile phones. The system is being used for scheduling the irrigation timing for the different zones and controlling irrigation techniques such as sprinklers, drips, etc.

For efficiency, DHI InnoTech will provide a monitoring system for the dry land irrigation, where users can see availability of water and water flow to their respective zones. Different sensors and actuators have been installed for real time monitoring and control. Water level sensor has been installed on the reservoir to detect the water level, calculate the water quantity, and control the incoming flow to the reservoir. Water flow data from the reservoir feeder and each zone can be monitored by installing flow sensors. Further, all the real time sensor data can be visualized through a web application developed for the project. The SIP irrigation scheduling can also be accessed from the monitoring web application.

In the coming years, InnoTech aims to solve the current water distribution and management problems both in urban and rural societies using automation and IoT technology under the Smart Water Management system. The implemented systems will leverage algorithms to reduce water wastage, resolve issues around uneven billing practices, ensure quality of drinking water, detect problems such as ice formation and theft, and notify users. 

Semjong water project is the second pilot project of De- suung national service on improving and expanding water supply and was launched in Semjong Gewog in Tsirang on 25th November 2020. The Semjong water management project has implemented only a few features of the planned system developed at DRIVE, InnoTech. The larger project aims to provide a complete data acquisition, remote control, and supervision for all aspects of the water distribution system, both for drinking water supply and irrigation. This integrated system will provide sustainable, reduced cost, more resilient and efficient water supply.

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