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Everything technology! Read what our experts have to say.
Bhutan Super Fab Lab

Social & Economic Impacts of Super FabLab

Traditional education is like mainframe computing… We (FabLabs) are the internet; a globally distributed campus for higher-level education, (to) learn

Blockchain Basics

Blockchain. Where do we even start? Let’s rewind all the way back to 1982 when Cryptographer David Chaum proposed a
Integrated Circuit

Bhutan’s Journey Into the Third Digital Revolution

Start of the Digital Movement Imagine the year is 1965. The third Druk Gyalpo is 13 years into his reign.
Technology Integration in the Classroom

Technology Integration in the Classroom for Next-Gen Education

Today, interaction with technology forms a large part of everyday life. Children grow up accessing content on internet connected devices
Portable Energy

How Energy Storage Became One of the Most Visionary Inventions

Energy storage is synonymous with batteries and storing electrical energy in batteries play a crucial role in solving the world’s
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