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Digital Twin: Lifecycle of IoT Devices

Digital twinning facilitates the design, manufacturing, and operations of IoT products.
  • Innotech
  • |
  • February 8, 2022

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of the elements and dynamics of an IoT (Internet of Things) device; it is a representation of how an IoT device operates and lives throughout its lifecycle. Digital Twins allow for operational insights that lead to better design and operation. Due to the predictive analysis applied on the data collected from the device, we can better understand how products will age and shift throughout their lifecycle. When done correctly, digital twinning provides feedback that not only facilitates the operations of the product but also helps facilitate better design and manufacturing through the lessons learned and the recalibration that takes place along the way.


The Digital Product TwinUsed in product development. It allows for the commissioning of a product virtually before the manufacturing process begins. The data collected during this simulated operation helps improve every aspect of the product. This involves 3D/CAD models, testing properties and the simulations required during product development.
The Digital Factory TwinUsed when planning factories, machines, systems, tools and testing programs. This kind of digital twin supports, monitors, and optimizes production processes.
The Digital Service TwinA product’s digitalized memory. It involves production figures and information about processing times, adherence to stipulated times and product quality.
The Digital Twin of OrganizationFacilitates optimized, comprehensive planning of all of the processes in a business, and increased data security and data protection.


  • The Digital Twinning process depends on extensive data from the entity that is being replicated
  • It requires expertise in machine learning, AI, predictive analysis, and other areas of data science and engineering capabilities.
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