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འཕྲུལ་རིག་ཀུན་ཁྱབ། ང་བཅས་རའི་མཁས་མཆོག་གིས་གསུང་མི་ལྷག་གནང་།

Energy Management in Commercial Buildings

Energy efficiency is not just low-hanging fruit; it is fruit lying on the ground. ~Stevan Chu, Former US Energy Secretary. The
Thimphu Smart City

More Than a Smart City: Scaling Up Technology Adoption for Bhutan’s Growth

A Smart City Approach to Navigate Challenges After three decades of success in economic growth, poverty reduction, and an international
Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles With Autonomous Driving Technology

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”~Arthur C. Clarke . A car that can drive itself around using Artificial Intelligence,
Bhutan Super Fab Lab

Social & Economic Impacts of Super FabLab

Traditional education is like mainframe computing… We (FabLabs) are the internet; a globally distributed campus for higher-level education, (to) learn

Blockchain Basics

Blockchain. Where do we even start? Let’s rewind all the way back to 1982 when Cryptographer David Chaum proposed a