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dhiTechHack 2021: Dare to Try Winner

The winning team proposed the use of RFID technology for real-time and accurate reporting of data to optimize workflow.
  • Innotech
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  • སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཅུ་གཅིག་པ། 24, 2021

In addition to the first and second place winners at the Group Innovation Challenge, the InnoTech department also awarded prizes to teams that demonstrated great potential through their solutions. 

  • Leading Edge Technologies: for new technologies that have yet to be commercialized. 
  • Dare to Try: serious and audacious attempts to innovate that could not be completed successfully, to encourage the culture of risk taking;  
  • Design Honor: to highlight the importance of design in all products and services.

This was done to encourage the spirit of innovation and reiterate the department’s philosophy of the importance of the iterative process and learning from all types of innovative attempts. 

The Dare to Try Award was presented to a five-member team from the State Mining Corporation Ltd. (SMCL).  

The SMCL team was one of the four presentations that was conducted virtually. They proposed the automation of weighment by taking advantage of RFID (radio frequency identification) Technology as a solution to industry-specific issues of data manipulation, lack of real time data, and the drawbacks of manual data entry. 

Through their proposed solution, the team emphasized the possibility of accurate and relevant real time data and how access to this data would optimize workflow, save costs, and open up the path to not only effective monitoring now, but also potential for future data analysis. 

The team impressed judges with their detailed and thoroughly researched proposal. In addition to the problem and solution statement, the team identified an investment requirement and installation plan. They also explored scalability, and mentioned several other DHI companies and government agencies that could benefit from this project, if successful. Their commitment to the project, and their dedication to starting it at SMCL led them to receive the Dare to Try award, as a way to both encourage risk taking, and to thank them for their courage in proposing new solutions. 

The team consisted of the following employees from SMCL:

  • Kuenley Tshering, Manager, ICT
  • Ugyen Phuntsho, Executive Engineer 
  • Rinzin Norbu, Mining Engineer 
  • Sangay Rinzin, Director Marketing & Logistics 
  • Kelden Jatsho, Head, Finance 

Thank you for giving us the platform to present our ideas. We are motivated to do better in the next event

~SMCL Team