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dhiTechHack 2021: Proactive Honor

In order to highlight the importance of participation in innovation interventions, Dungsam Cement was recognized for their active support of GIC.
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  • སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཅུ་གཉིས་པ། 2, 2021

In addition to the first and second place winners at the Group Innovation Challenge, the InnoTech department also awarded prizes to teams that demonstrated great potential through their solutions. 

  • Leading Edge Technologies: for new technologies that have yet to be commercialized. 
  • Dare to Try: serious and audacious attempts to innovate that could not be completed successfully, to encourage the culture of risk taking;  
  • Design Honor: to highlight the importance of design in all products and services. 

This was done to encourage the spirit of innovation and reiterate the department’s philosophy of the importance of the iterative process and learning from all types of innovative attempts. 

The Design Honor Award was rebranded to Proactive Honor by the judges in order to highlight the importance of participation in innovation interventions led within the DHI Ecosystem. This honor was awarded to Dungsam Cement Corporation Ltd. (DCCL) in appreciation and recognition of their active support for the Group Innovation Challenge. 

The Group Innovation Challenge initially received a total of five applications from DCCL with solutions ranging from the use of technology to improve service delivery to the more efficient manufacturing. Three of these teams presented at the final presentation and demo session of the challenge. 

Two of the proposed solutions focused on process innovation. 

The first was the concept of Total Productive Maintenance which focuses on the elimination of equipment-based productivity loss to achieve perfect production rates. Through this solution, the team proposed their attempt to change the company mindset in maintenance and operation from I run it, you fix it to I run it, I fix it. 

The second proposal out of DCCL was the Lean Six Sigma Management methodology. The team aimed to streamline operations, improve quality, and eliminate defects in company-wide processes. Through this methodology, the team proposes focusing on problems and bottlenecks and enhanced data-based decision making. 

The final proposal from DCCL was the design and implementation of a Bag Counting Machine with auto-stamping at the Packing and Loading section that would correctly mitigate errors loss through theft, missing bags and human error. 

The employees from DCCL that participated in the Group Innovation Challenge were: 

  • Ugyen Nidup, SO Instrumentation (Packing & Loading)
  • Sonam Wangchuk, Electrical Engineer  
  • Ram Krishna Neopaney, Head ISO & BIS Section