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Blockchain-Based Solution: dhiTechHack 2021 Winner

We must go beyond Bitcoin and harness the many use cases of blockchain.
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  • སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཅུ་གཅིག་པ། 10, 2021

At the conclusion of the dhiTechHack: Group Innovation Challenge, a team from Bhutan Telecom Ltd (BT) impressed with their solution and was crowned the overall winner of the challenge. 

“Bitcoin is just one of the use cases of the technology.  We must harness the potential of Blockchain”.

~BT Team

Having identified data manipulation, integrity, and security as a major problem, both within the DHI ecosystem and nationally, the team proposed blockchain-based software development as their solution.

They believe that data issues can be mitigated by storing crucial data on the blockchain network so that it becomes immutable. Their proposed deliverable would be a hybrid blockchain web-based and mobile application. Through this, the team would be able to cater customized solutions to the unique requirements of the Bhutanese market.

In addition to their final presentation, the team showcased the endless possibilities of such a solution through a demo. They highlighted the need for a central verification system, especially in the case of verifying educational backgrounds. Through their demo, the team was able to demonstrate the possibility of storing and verifying education certificates on the public blockchain network. 

dhiTechHack 2021 Winner

“We would like to thank DHI for giving us platform to showcase our work on Blockchain Technology”

~BT Team

The team consisted of the following employees from Bhutan Telecom:

–    Dawa Sonam, GM, IT

–    Chabi Lal Sharma, Senior Manager

–    Tashi Deki, Deputy Executive Engineer

–    Sonam Yeshi Software Developer

–    Kailash Rai Software Developer