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Our Purpose

Developing technology with values

Our Vision

At Innotech, we are driven by our goal of developing technology with values to build a diverse and resilient economy. Under DHI, InnoTech aims to foster “ideas to impact” by strategizing technology pathways and creating a national platform for innovation and technology.

Our Mission

We aim to champion tech & innovation and strategize policy & implementation roadmaps to address socio-economic challenges at a national level through the following.

Foster an Innovation Ecosystem

1. Foster an Innovation Ecosystem

Build a Collaborative Research Hub

Ignite a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Foster an Innovation Ecosystem

2. Create Human Capacity

Establish Sustainable Talent Pipeline

Develop a Knowledge-based Economy

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Our Values

At Innotech, we are driven by strong values and principles that guide our culture.



To contriubte towards technologically thriving economy


To pursue knowledge, curiosity, ingenuity, and creativity


To ensure individual and collective success


To achieve common goals that benefit the society


To create value-based commerical ventures