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The Group Innovation Challenge

The Group Innovation Challenge is a call to action, aimed at engaging the employees within DHI and it’s companies to collaborate, develop, and solve the various issues faced in their organizations.
  • Innotech
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  • August 24, 2021

Following the success of the DHI TechHack challenge last year, the Department of Innovation and
Technology (InnoTech) is proposing a follow-up challenge geared towards the DHI ecosystem.

Challenge Description

The Group Innovation Challenge is a call to action, aimed at engaging the employees within DHI and it’s companies to collaborate, develop, and solve the various issues faced in their organizations. Informed by the findings of the Corporate Innovation Policy (CIP), this challenge is a first step towards building the DHI Corporate Innovation Platform, conceived with the aim of building capacities for innovation at the company level, and for the larger DHI ecosystem. 

Participants can tackle one of two challenge areas: an Open Challenge, or the Fix-It Challenge. Through the challenge, we aim to crowdsource innovative ideas to address challenges faced on company and national levels, thereby reinforcing the commitment to technological adoption and innovation. 

The winning team with the most promising innovation will be awarded Nu. 100,000. In addition to the winning team, awards will also be made out to teams that demonstrate potential in different fields. However, in keeping with the spirit of innovation, awards of Nu.25,000 each  will also be made out to teams that demonstrate potential. These are optional prizes and will only be awarded based on demonstrated potential. The optinals prizes are: 

  • Dare to Try: serious and audacious attempts at innovation that may not be completed successfully, to encourage the culture of risk taking
  • Leading Edge Technologies: for new technologies that have yet to be commercialized
  • Design Honor: to highlight the importance of design in all products and services

InnoTech will support and encourage the implementation of any interesting ideas generated. A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed with teams that have interesting ideas and want to take it further. Additionally, InnoTech will open up the challenge to management level individuals from the different DHI companies to ensure the matching of talent from the challenge with interest at the different companies. 

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted by teams of up to 5 members. While all members must be currently employed at a DHI owned company, it is highly encouraged that a team comprises members from different companies. 

Fix It Challenge

In the Fix It Challenge, you will be prompted with a problem to provide an innovative solution for.

How to apply to the challenge: 

Step I: Understand and contextualize the Fix It Challenge Problem Statement

Step II: Propose a solution for how you can solve this challenge. Draft your proposal into a one page document 

Step III: Fill the online application form

Step IV: Don’t forget for attach your one page proposal document 

Open Challenge

In the Open Challenge, teams can identify problems that exist within their organization or the wider DHI group and propose a solution for it. 

How to apply to the challenge: 

Step I: Identity an Open Challenge Theme that you are interested in 

Step II: Problem Identification: What is the main issue that you are trying to solve? 

Step III: Solution Statement: How will you address this problem? 

Step IV: Submit your online application form. 

Step V: Don’t forget to attach your one page proposal! 

After Selection

A maximum of 5 teams will be selected for each challenge area based on a pre-set criteria.  These teams will be invited to a final challenge, where they will work together to finalize their solutions and pitch their ideas to the judges. 

If Selected:
The selected team will be given 3+ weeks to develop, prototype and refine their proposed solutions. During this time, the selected teams will be granted access to carefully selected mentors who will support them prepare for their final presentation. 

If not selected:
Still encouraged to pursue ideas
Ideas and proposals will be featured in a culminating report and will be shared across the company- ensuring credit where credit is due. 

Virtual Information Session

Two Virtual Information sessions will be hosted before the closure of applications. These sessions will provide a platform for interested individuals to ask questions and clarify doubts, and get a comprehensive understanding of challenge logistics and processes.  The dates for the two Virtual Information sessions are:  Monday, August 30th and Monday, September 13th.

Overall Timeline

August 23rd: Applications open

August 30th  and September 13th: Discussions webinar followed by Q&A session

September  20th Applications close

September 27th Announcement of Results followed by a webinar for the accepted applicants

October 22nd/23rd  DHI Group Innovation Challenge Event

Submit your applications online.

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