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News and updates

Stay updated with our news and updates.

Emerging Technologies

InnoTech Presents Strategy Paper on Emerging Technologies

InnoTech is excited to present our latest Strategy Paper on Emerging Technologies. Emerging technologies and new industries present opportunities for Bhutan to address socio-economic challenges and build human capacity. The paper, as a potential starting point, contextualizes the technologies to Bhutan and maps out a priority (impact vs effort) matrix for the adoption of the 22 identified technologies. The paper will be available soon on the InnoTech website for our readers!
Arduino boards make electronics more accessible.

Training on Arduino to Promote STEM Education in Bhutan

DHI InnoTech is conducting a two-day training on Arduino for 9 high school teachers from Thimphu to promote STEM education in the country. Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects. Arduino boards are designed to make electronics more accessible to artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. The hands-on session will be held at the DRIVE center on 1st and 2nd July, 2021.
Fab Lab Equipment

InnoTech Launches Familiarization Program for Fab Lab Managers & Engineers

DHI InnoTech launched a familiarization program for Fab Lab managers and engineers across the country today. The training modules include introduction to Fab Labs and Super Fab Lab in Bhutan, as well as Design Software, Electronics Design and Production, Design Thinking in Prototyping, Application and Software Programming, etc. The five-week long training will be conducted online and will conclude with a session on management and maintenance of Fab Lab machines. Currently, all Fab Labs in the country are managed by RSSTEM.

InnoTech Director speaks on Expanding Possibilities with Technology on RIGGS Podcast

Cybersecurity and a Technology Pathway for Bhutan

Innotech, DHI has initiated a webinar series with the aim to enhance national knowledge and expand network with global experts. The webinars in this series will keep technology as the core concept. DHI’s first webinar series was coordinated with Department of Information Technology & Telecommunication and Ministry of Information and Communication. The objective of the webinar titled “Cybersecurity and Technologies – Past, Present, and Post Quantum” was to advance an ecosystem of cybersecurity and technology in Bhutan. Cybersecurity is one of the thematic areas that InnoTech has strategized to study in finding a technology pathway for Bhutan. Thus, the discussions from the webinar will aid the development of a national strategic white paper on cybersecurity.  The three-hour webinar presented the core concepts of cybersecurity and its impacts on society building. The discussions revolved around fundamental technologies poised to radically change the landscape and definition of cybersecurity. Further, the guest speakers brainstormed ideas on grassroot capacity development. Such ideas can potentially map Bhutan’s ecosystem on cybersecurity technology development. Additionally, there was a focused discussion on how cybersecurity could contribute to development in  education, human resource, research and development, policy, and business. Drawing from the webinar, Innotech will develop a detailed strategy white paper on cybersecurity and a Bhutanese technology pathway.
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