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We are championing tech & innovation strategy and strategizing policy & implementation roadmaps to address socio-economic challenges at a national level.


Developing Technology with Values

Developing Technology with Values

The InnoTech Department was established with the aim of strategizing technology and innovation pathways to enhance access and diffusion of the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution across DHI and the Group. In addition to this primary focus of strengthening and providing internal support for DHI and Group, the department is also positioned to leverage innovation and technology to address socio-economic challenges at a national level.

At the heart of Innotech are its two divisions i.e. Strategic Technology Planning (STP)—“The Think Tank” and DHI Research & Innovation Venture Excellence (DRIVE) Center—“The Do Tank”. Additionally, an ad-hoc division “Projects” meets the requirements of time-bound initiatives, as and when they emerge.

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Developing Technology

Within the InnoTech Department, the DRIVE center is working towards establishing collaborative applied and fundamental research initiatives in areas of science, technology, and innovation at both a national and international level. In order to do so, DRIVE works towards the following goals:

  • Conduct fundamental and applied research
  • Provide an avenue for economic diversification by incubating and prototyping ideas for commercialization
  • Develop the national IP repository
  • Invigorate the national R&D infrastructure and establish linkages with universities and institutions nationally and internationally
  • Provide the impetus for the uptake of STEM education in Bhutan.
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Strategic Technology Planning

Creating Capacity

In order to support DHI and its Group in strategizing technology pathways and to support the DRIVE center, STP as a part of the InnoTech Department, works to fulfil following:

  • Technology planning, strategy and management with an overarching goal of shaping a national platform
  • Study disruptive technologies and its use cases with respect to Bhutan and regional context including research and business prospects
  • Champion science, technology, and innovation policies that will develop and enhance the national innovation system
  • Organize technology conferences, workshops, and training in order to introduce new innovative concepts and tools and stimulate innovative thinking.


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Building and Improving Infrastructure

Projects has been initiated as an ad-hoc division to meet the requirements of time-bound initiatives. As and when time-bound initiatives emerge, divisions under Projects are established with the aim of building and/or improving infrastructure. These projects are led by both Innotech as well as third-party collaborators. Initiatives under projects usually require independent focus for implementation and capacity building.

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