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Strategic Technology Planning

STP is the “Think Tank” of the Department of Innovation & Technology. We aim to cultivate an innovation ecosystem and strategize technology pathways in Bhutan to enhance access and diffusion of the technologies.

In order to support DHI and its Group in strategizing technology pathways and to support the DRIVE center, STP, as a part of the InnoTech Department, works to fulfill the following:

  • Technology planning, strategy and management with an overarching goal of shaping a national platform 
  • Study disruptive technologies and its use cases with respect to Bhutan and regional context including research and business prospects
  • Champion science, technology, and innovation policies that will develop and enhance the national innovation system 
  • Organize technology conferences, workshops, and trainings in order to introduce new concepts and tools and stimulate innovative thinking.  
Creating Capacity

Internal Support and Capacity

The STP division aims to support DRIVE projects through thematic and fundamental areas of research. In order to best ensure that different arms of the department work well together, STP will participate in cross-functional teams across the department in different projects.

External linkages and partnerships

In addition to providing support internally to DRIVE, STP will actively seek partnerships and linkages outside DHI and the Group to further its agenda of building an innovation ecosystem.

External influence and engagement

Through its study and thematic areas of research, an important part of STP’s work is knowledge creation and sharing, in order to influence national dialogue and policy. STP aims to impact the landscape and build engagement around innovation.
Digital Governance

Digital Governance

Digital Capabilities

Digital Capabilities

Digital Value

Digital Value

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